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3D Chastity Cage Special

3D Chastity Cage Special

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Smooth and Comfortable Feeling Cutting-edge nylon 3D-printing and revolutionary surface finishing technology are used in the manufacturing process. The result is a chastity cage that is exceptionally lightweight, smooth, and non-porous, while also being extremely long-lasting and reusable. This pleasure tool's surface is smooth with no bumps or sharp edges that can rub his penis in the wrong way. 

There are three sizes for the cages.

The ring sizes are 38mm, 43mm and 51mm.

HHow to wear this 3D chastity Cage?

Ergonomic Design We never give up comfort for style. The chastity cage is made of high-end lightweight resin material, which is safe and environmentally friendly. The ergonomic design is curved for maximum comfort. The chastity device for men is well-fitting and you can walk at ease. It is easy to put on & take off. Please clean after use and keep it dry. 

At home & Outdoor Activity & 7/24/365 It sags naturally inside your pants, so you don't have to worry about getting caught. Feel free to wear it at home or for outdoor activities. It is never easy to fall when exercising, suitable for outdoor leisure activities, such as walking, playing basketball,  mountain biking, running, hiking, and traveling. 

Exquisite Upgraded Details1.The breathing hole design makes it possible for your bro to breathe freely in the restraints. 2. We widen the angle, so it will never clamp the testicles. 3. We enlarge the urethra, so you never wet your pants. 4. We hide the lock! The invisible lock makes it more invisible.

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