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Coloured Silicone Cages Long

Coloured Silicone Cages Long

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Look at all the lovely colours! Not a fan of the standard clear, black, or pink versions of this cage and want to stand out from the crowd? No issue; we have a few options for you to examine. Introducing our silicone colors: purple, blue, and red! All of these colours are stunning and will undoubtedly draw attention at your next kink party or play session.

What's so unique about this chastity cage? A few items. First and foremost, it is composed of squishy soft silicone, which makes it quite comfortable to wear. You can wear it in the shower, beneath clothing, or as a birthday suit. Whatever you or the keyholder decide. The slightly flexible material means that it is not the most secure device we provide, but with the inclusion of the new locking methods, it will undoubtedly assist novices in incorporating chastity into their/your play time. I absolutely adore the way it looks and feels, and I hope you will too.

The kit includes a large number of pieces. This may be daunting, but allow me to break it down for you. This chastity cage consists of six parts: the cage, back ring, bridges, pins, spacers, and lock. It may seem like a lot, but if you know how to put it all together, you'll be OK.

Choose your ring size from the five options available and set it to one side. Next, grab two white side pins, two bridge pieces, one central white pin, and a clear spacer. Insert the middle and side pins into one of the bridge sections, then attach the back ring. Next, place the other bridge portion on the pins, followed by the transparent spacer on the middle pin. It should begin to make sense. Put on the cage and secure it using one of the two locking systems provided: a brass padlock with a metal looped locking bar or a single-use zip tie lock.

See, it's not too horrible once you get used to it, and with the variety of sizing possibilities, it's an excellent alternative if you're not sure what back ring size best suits you.

Sizing Information

Size: Standard


Cage Length: 85mm

Total length including back ring - Longest length - 105mm, shortest length - 100mm 

Inside Diameter: 36mm

Included in the display box:

1 High quality silicone cage in purple, blue or red.

5 silicone rings in different sizes - 36mm, 38mm, 45mm, 48mm and 52mm (All inside diameter measurements)

Locking pins and spacers

1 Looped locking bar.

1 brass padlock with 2 keys

5 numbered zipper locks

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