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HT V3 The Steel Nub | Micro Chastity Cage

HT V3 The Steel Nub | Micro Chastity Cage

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The Nub steel cage

Here it is!  Our most popular chastity cage Nub is now available in solid steel. Very safe, very strict, the cage is only an inch long.  It's long enough to stop an erection before it even starts to show.  

The hole at the end of the cage is of a suitable size and position for everyday situations such as using toilets and showers.  When wearing the Nub steel chastity cage you are effectively invisible in mode, it is almost invisible in clothing so making a great cage for everyday use.  Don't miss it!

Length 25mm | 1.0 Inches

The Nub lock block position moved forward, the overall design is more compact, which offers an absolute discretion and a stylish design, enables it is more fit to human body.
Material: 316 Stainless Steel .
Number of air vents : 1
The whole set comes in an original & discreet package with 1 tube, 1 ring(You can choose the size), 1 Magic Locker (high quality) and 2 keys.
The diameter of 3 different Rings for choice: 40mm/45mm/50mm
Inside Length of the tube : 25mm (0.98 inch)
Inside diameter of the tube : 34mm (1.3 inch)


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