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Male Chastity Panties

Male Chastity Panties

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This Chastity Panties is expertly crafted from premium quality leather, designed to provide an all-encompassing locking experience. Male Chastity Panties include five locks and ten keys, ensuring complete and thorough restraint.

The front section of the panties features a penis chastity cage, measuring 13cm in length and 10cm in width. Within the chastity cage are two steel rings with a diameter of 4cm, providing a secure and confining fit. Additionally, there is a 5cm diameter steel ring positioned at the anal area.

Both the waistband and crotch area of the panties are adjustable, allowing for a customized and comfortable fit. The waistband can be adjusted within the range of 66-103cm (25.98"-40.55"), while the crotch area can be adjusted within the range of 58-88cm (22.83"-34.64").

Embrace the allure of restriction and surrender with our Male Chastity Panties, where pleasure meets the art of confinement.


Waistline: 66-103cm (25.98"-40.55")

Crotch Size: 58-88cm (22.83"-34.64")

Penis Bag Size: Length-13cm(5.11")  Width-10cm(3.93")

Weight: 330g

Package Included:
1* Chastity Panties
5* Locks
10* Keys

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